Hello my name is Janelle.

I am a runner, ice cream enthusiast, and outdoors junkie. I am an extroverted introvert who can't say no to a race, loves exploring new places, and drinks coffee after the run, and never before. I spend way too much money on food, and I wear running clothes everyday so I might as well run in them. 

For me, running is about the community and the drive to be better. My run club is crazy and I look forward to early alarms to meet them and get faster together. It's all about balance. Balancing the crazy with the serious and balancing life with the running. Balancing the kale with the ice cream, but never mixing them. 

Running and exploring are where I find the most joy, and I plan to do it for the rest of my life. Here I share my adventures on the road and what I've learned through an injury comeback.